• Soup De Lentils/Vegetable Soup
• Tomato Soup
• Daal Soup
• Poulet Soup/Chicken Soup
• Poulet Mushroom Soup/Chicken Mushroom Soup
• Afghani Mutton Shorba
• Fish Soup

• Dal Fry
• Dal Butter Fry
• Dal Tadka
• Dal Makhani
• Masala Dal
• Mix Dal
• Moong Dal Tadka
• Urad Dal Masala

• Naan Nature
• Naan Fromage
• Naan a l’ail
• Keema Naan
• Plain Roti
• Butter Roti
• Naan Chilli
• Kashmiri Naan
• Tandoor Butter naan
• Cheese Garlic naan
• Paratha Punjabi

• Samosa legumes/Vegetable Samosa
• Oignons Bhaji/Onion Pakora
• Mix Pakora
• Aloo Paratha
• Gobhi Paratha
• Cabbage Paratha
• Palak Paratha
• Methi Paratha
• Thepla
• Aubergine Pakora/Baingan Pakora
• Aloo Pakora
• Palak Pakora
• Cabbage Pakora
• Corn Pakora
• Paneer Pakora
• Corn Patties
• Aloo Patties
• Bread Roll
• Cheese Corn balls
• Batata Vada
• Paneer Tikka
• Paneer Roll

(Non Vegetarien)
• Mix Grill
• Poulet Tandoori/Chicken Tandoori
• Poulet Tikka/Chicken Tikka
• Poulet Pakora/Chicken Pakora
• Poulet Tangri Kabab/Murgh Tangri Kabab
• Poulet Malai Kabab/Murgh Malai Kabab
• Poulet Paratha
• Poulet Hariyali Kabab/Murgh Hariyali Kabab
• Poulet Kalimiri Kabab/Murgh Kalimiri Kabab
• Poulet Chapli Kabab/Murgh Chapli Kabab
• Poulet Seekh Kabab/Chicken Seekh Kabab
• Samosa Viande/Mutton Samosa
• Agneau Shami kabab/Mutton Shami kabab
• Agneau Seekh Kabab/Mutton Seekh Kabab
• Crevettes Pepper Fry
• Crevettes Koliwada
• Crevettes Butter Fry
• Crevettes Pakora/Prawn Pakora
• Gambas Tandoori
• Prawns Tandoori
• Saumon Tikka/Salmon Tikka
• Crispy Fish Fry
• Fish Pakora
• Grilled Masala Fish Fillets
• Spicy Tandoori Fish Tikka
• Fish Pakora
• Fish Tandoori
• Fish Tikka

• Aubergines Bharta
• Palak Paneer
• Vegetables Korma
• Aloo Gobhi
• Dal Palak
• Aloo Palak
• Chana Masala
• Gobhi Methi
• Gobhi Matar
• Vegetable Kadhai
• Vegetable Makhanwala
• Aloo Matar
• Kadhai Paneer
• Paneer Makhanwala
• Matar Paneer
• Shahi Paneer
• Paneer do Pyaza
• Methi Paneer
• Paneer Bhurji
• Paneer Tikka Masala
• Paneer Butter Masala

• Chicken 65
• Poulet Shahi Korma/Chicken Shahi Korma
• Poulet Tikka Masala/Chicken Tikka Masala
• Poulet Jalfrezi/Chicken Jalfrezi
• Butter Chicken
• Poulet Curry/Chicken Curry
• Poulet Madras/Madras Chicken
• Poulet Aubergines/Chicken Baingan Masala
• Poulet Saag/Chicken Palak
• Poulet Vindaloo/Chicken Vindaloo
• Poulet Daal/Daal Chicken
• Poulet Punjabi Masala/Punjabi Chicken Masala
• Poulet Liver Masala/Chicken Liver Masala
• Poulet do Pyaza/Chicken do Pyaza
• Poulet Kofta Masala/Chicken Kofta Masala

(Agneau/Lamb Mutton)
• Agneau Shahi Korma/Mutton Shahi Korma
• Agneau Rogan Josh/Mutton Rogan Josh
• Agneau Jalfrezi/Mutton Jalfrezi
• Agneau Tikka Masala/Mutton Tikka Masala
• Agneau Vindaloo/Mutton Vindaloo
• Keema Matar
• Agneau Madras/Mutton Madras Curry
• Agneau Aubergines/Mutton Baingan
• Agneau Saag/Mutton Palak
• Keema Sabji
• Agneau Kata Masala/Mutton Kata Masala
• Agneau do Pyaza/Mutton do Pyaza
• Agneau Curry/Mutton Curry
• Agneau Kofta Masala/Mutton Kofta Masala

• Boeuf Curry/Beef Curry
• Boeuf Madras/Beef Madras
• Boeuf Vindaloo/Beef Vindaloo
• Boeuf Shahi Korma/Beef Shahi Korma
• Boeuf Tikka Masala/Beef Tikka Masala
• Boeuf Daal/Beef Dal
• Boeuf Biryani/Beef Biryani

(Poissons & Fruits de Mer/Sea Food)
• Fish Masala
• Fish Vindaloo
• Fish Hariyali
• Fish Curry
• Crevettes Saag/Prawns Palak
• Crevettes Korma/Prawns Korma
• Gambas Bengali/Prawns Bengali
• Gambas Tandoori Masala
• Crevettes Madras/Prawns Madras Curry
• Crevettes Baingan/Prawns Baingan Masala
• Crevettes Masala/Prawns Masala

• Oeuf Omlette/Egg Omlette
• Oeuf Bhurji/Egg bBhurji
• Oeuf Butter Masala/Egg Butter Masala
• Oeuf Masala Fry/Egg Masala Fry
• Oeuf Pulao/Egg Pulao

• Poulet Shashlik/Chicken Sizzler
• Agneau Shashlik/Lamb Sizzler
• Crevettes Shashlik/Prawn Sizzler
• Mix Grill Tandoori

• Riz Nature/Plain Rice
• Kashmiri Pulau
• Matar Pulau
• Jeera Pulao
• Vegetable Biryani
• Dal Khichdi
• Palak Khichdi
• Saffron Rice
• Soya chunks Pulao
• Tawa Masala Riz/Tawa Masala Rice

• Poulet Biryani/Chicken Biryani
• Poulet Pulao/Chicken Pulao
• Poulet Tikka Biryani/Chicken Tikka Biryani
• Tawa Masala Riz/Tawa Masala Rice

• Agneau Biryani/Mutton Biryani
• Agneau Pulao/Mutton Pulao
• Agneau Tikka Biryani/Mutton Tikka Biryani
• Tawa Masala Riz/Tawa Masala Rice

• Crevettes Biryani/Prawns Biryani
• Coastal Crevettes Rice/Coastal Prawn Rice
• Gambas Biryani
• Crevettes Pulao/Prawns Pulao

• Poisson Biryani/Fish Biryani
• Poisson Pulao/Fish Pulao

• Murgh Malai Drumsticks
• Chicken Cheese Kabab
• Lucknowi Galouti Kabab
• Gola Kabab
• Gobhi Creamy Masala
• Goanese Fish Curry
• Chicken Rezala
• Dabba Gosht
• Prawns Goanese Masala
• Hyderabadi Murgh
• Malwani Prawn Curry
• Mutton Rezala
• Prawn Malai Curry
• Methi malai Matar
• Sheer Kurma

• Indienne Salad
• Prawn Salad
• Plain Raita
• Tomato Cucumber Raita
• Beetroot Raita

• Vegetable Cheese sandwich
• Mixed Vegetable Sandwich
• Stuffed Paneer Sandwich
• Salmon Bread Sandwich
• Chicken Sandwich
• Chicken and Egg Sandwich
• Mozarella Mushroom Sandwich
• Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich
• Cream Cheese Chicken Sandwich

• Halwa Suji
• Gajar Halwa/Carrot Halwa
• Gulab Jamun
• Plain Kheer
• Saffron Kheer/Kesar Kheer
• Moong Dal Halwa
• Fruit Salad
• Kulfi
• Kulfi Mangue/Mango Kulfi
• Fruits Frais au Coulis de Mangue
• Sorbet/Glaces 2 Boules.
(Mango, Cassis, Vanille, Fraise, Citron, Chocolat, Passion, Coco, Pistache.)
• Icecream & Sorbets: Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate, Coconut, Pista.

Shirley Temple: Mix of soda and Orange Juice a dash of Fruit Syrup.
Tequila Sunrise: Mix of orange, peach and lemon soda topped with mixed syrup.
Fruit Stand Lemonade: Tangy flavour of lemon and strawberry mixed with soda.
Cranberry Limeade: Zesty homemade limeade drink with a bit of cranberry juice for added flavour.
Sparkling Cranberry Kiss: Vibrance of cranberries and the tanginess of oranges makes it a sweet and fizzy drink.
Virgin Mojito: A simple classic recipe of mojito with the coolness of mint.
Party Punch: A truly refreshing drink mixed with tropical juices with a dah of strawberry syrup.
Apple Fizz: Bubbly, sweet and tangy flavours with a light refreshing taste makes it perfect forapple lovers.
Arizona Sunset: Fun and fruity drink mixed with tangy orange and a sweet syrup.
Pink Lemonade: Fresh lemon juice, sugar and soda come into the pink with chiled rose syrup.
Asian Pear Sparkler: Mix of pear and soda added with the spiciness of ginger and nutmeg.
Fruit Punch: Flavours of orange, pineapple and mango crushed with vanilla icecreamandice.
Cran – Dandy Cooler: Chilled coolers of orange, pineapple and cranberry dashed with syrupof mixed fruits.
Tornado Twist: Taste of cranberries and raspberries added with fizziness of lemony lime beverage.
Arnold Palmer: Classic fusion of iced tea and tanginess of lemon poured over ice makes it a truy refreshing drink.
Rasberry Mimosa: Sparkles of cranberry and fresh lime mixed with soda and topped with tangy syrup.
New Mother Mocktail: Mix of apple, cranberry and orange poured over crushed ice and soda.
Moscow Mule: Spiced powders mixed with apple and soda makes it a truly spicy and tangy rink.
Sparkling Spice: Flavours of apple and ginger topped with a sweet syrup tantalises your tase buds.
Peach Bellini: Lemony peach drink mixed with syrup and poured over crushed ice.
Off The Beaten Path: Tangy taste of guava mixed with pineapple makes it a truly distinct combination.
Daisy Drop: Guava and lime combined with cooolness of mint surely gives you a stinging punch.
Snappy Comeback: Sugary litchi and sour soda mixed with lemon gives you a sweet lemony flavour.
Sea Breeze: Refreshing twist of mango and litchi added with spiced ginger gives it sweet and spicy taste.
Grape Lime Rickey: Light and refreshing drink that is just the thing for a day at the beach.
Star Spangled Fizz: Crisp taste of raisin and bittersweet pineapple mixed with soda makes it a perfect balanced drink.
Autumn Spritz: Taste of raisin with blueberries dashed with ginger and lemon gives us a perfect bubbly beverage.
Winter Fresh: Mix of pamplemousse, orange, pineapple and lemon added with syrup makes it a must have for everyone.
Red Holiday Chill: Perfect holiday drink made with multifruit juice and syrup added over a dash of ginger and lime.
Merry Mint Refresher: Multifruit mixed with strawberry spritz and sparkling soda garnished with mint.
Minty Sundowner: Rosy pamplemousse and bubbling soda dashed with mint gives you a distinct smack.
Blushing Cobbler: Mixture of peach, mango and orange breaking its monotony with sparkling soda water.
Spooked Punch: Redness of pomogranete mixed with sparkling soda.
Party Spritzer: Perfect combination of pomogranete, orange and a dash of lemon makes it a real summery party drink.
Its Cold Outside: Mixture of pineapple and apricot mixed with ginger and lime totally makes it a tantalising recipe.

Shakes and smoothies.
• Chocolate milkshake
• Chocolate peanut butter milkshake
• Chocolate oreo shake
• Chocolate brownie shake
• Banana milkshake
• Banana peanut butter shake
• Banana dates honey shake
• Dry fruit milkshake
• Mix berry milkshake/smoothie
• Strawberry milkshake/smoothie
• Strawberry banana milkshake/smoothie
• Rabri falooda
• Kesar falooda
• Rose falooda
• Royal falooda

Lassi.(boissonindien a base de yaourt)
• Lassi mangue/mango lassi
• Lassi banane/banana lassi
• Lassi rose
• Lassi nature/plain lassi
• Lassi sucre/sweet lassi
• Lassi sale/salted lassi

Soft beverages.
• Coca cola (zero,light)
• Orangina
• Ice tea
• Schweppes
• Oasis

Canned fruit juices.
• Mix fruit
• Orange
• Mango
• Apricot
• Pineapple

Mineral water.
• Vittel
• Badoit
• Evian

Boisson chaude/hot beverages.
• Cafe expresso
• Deca
• Cafe noisette
• Cafe au lait
• The cardomom
• The menthe
• Masala chai
• Infusion
• Hot chocolate